Aldo Webinars is a new generation of Cloud based webinar presentation solution that supports a wide range of use cases and delivers to all four screens: PCs, Tablets, Cell Phones and TVs. To conduct a Webinar, all a user needs is a web browser. There is no need to install browser plug-ins or a desktop application. For use with a Tablet or a Cell Phone device, there is the Aldo app in the app store.

With Aldo Webinars, a complete workflow solution is integrated that is powerful and flexible. Hosts can incorporate content for a webinar using our content management system. A Host can upload content via the Aldo CMS or integrate directly from any number of sources. Once in the webinar, content can be arranged as desired and seamlessly played to all users with the click of a button. Aldo Webinars operates seamlessly across devices, networks and the web.

Keep Your Audience Engaged


Private and public attendee chat settings for attendees and hosts.

Raise Hand

Increase attendee engagement by allowing virtual hand-raising.

Q & A

Manage and share audience input where attendees ask questions for full interactive sessions


Create and manage surveys to engage your audience and instantly view response analytics.

Live Reactions

Participants and Presenters can give live feedback with animated emoji

Grant Permissions

Hosts can grant attendees permissions for video/audio calls, chat and more.

Content Orchestration
For Running smooth Webinars

Aldo Webinars Content Management System

The Aldo Content Management System is easy to use and robust for all your webinar needs. Meeting Hosts can upload their webinar content to the CMS and is instantly available from with the Webinar via the ‘Meeting Resources’ panel. Content can be of any type including Office documents like PowerPoint and Word, PDF files, video files, audio files, and more. The CMS can handle nearly all file formats. A Meeting Host can also create links to external content residing elsewhere by selecting ‘Add Web Content’ and entering the URL to the content file.

Both easy to use and flexible, the Aldo CMS allows for easy integration into your workflow. Use the CMS as little or as much as you want to meet your workflow requirements.


Aldo’s unique Apps panel extends Aldo’s capabilities to new dimensions . Access apps such as Aldo’s interactive Whiteboard and to
play content from virtually any souce including videos from your local system , play YouTube and Vimeo vidoes, to PC Docs for
accessing local content and Web Docs for accessing content from Google Drive, One Drive and more.


Aldo's Whiteboard App provides a set of drawing tools, allowing users to annotate documents and images. Whiteboard can operate in non-interactive or interactive mode where all users can participate.

PC Docs

Present document type content from your local system using the PC Docs App. Present PowerPoint, Word, Spreadsheets and many other types of documents.

Web Docs

Have PowerPoint, Word, Spreadsheet or other documents stored in the cloud? Use the Aldo Web Docs App to access files stored in the cloud on Google Drive, One Drive and others.

PC Videos

Play video content from your local system using the PC Videos Apps. Locate and play your local video content and present to all participants or you can play locally only.

YouTube and Vimeo

Play content for all participants directly from YouTube and Vimeo with the respective App. Perfect for video content already on YouTube and Vimeo.

Web Apps

Extend Aldo's capability even further with Web Apps. All you need is a URL to run additional web apps from within Aldo. Nearly any URL can be presented via the Web Apps App.

Aldo Security

Built for Security

iRevo’s policy is to let you, as a meeting host, decide on the level of security to use for a given meeting. We want you and meeting participants to
have a good user experience while empowering you to take the necessary security measures when creating and conducting a meeting.

Meeting Security

Meeting Security Options:

  • Aldo Meeting Hosts can create a meeting with a password enabled. This is the default setting.
  • For Enterprise users, there is an option to provide a unique password for each meeting participant.
  • Meeting Participants can join a meeting up to 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Meeting Hosts can mute participants audio or video.
  • Meeting Hosts can remove participants from a meeting room.
  • Lock Meeting : Secures an on going meeting by not allowing anyone to join after a selected duration has elapsed after the start of a meeting.

Data Security

Data and System (PC) Security: Meeting data (audio, video, chat, screen share, etc.) transmission and reception is encrypted between presenter and the Aldo Platform as well as between participants and the Aldo Platform.

iRevo offers different level of security measures for data in transit and data storage location choice. Meetings with a small number (2 to 5 users) of participants can be scheduled with an option to bypass the Aldo Platform for data transfer. For ultimate data security, iRevo offers Enterprise customers an option to deploy Aldo Platform on customer’s private cloud / premise.

The Aldo Platform incorporates data security protocols standards DTLS and SRTP as defined by IETF. The Aldo Application runs within popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari and does not require software installation or browser plug-ins. The browser protects a user's PC for enhanced security by running Aldo in the browser’s sandbox.

Since Aldo Webinars does not require software installation on a user’s computer or software update installations, attacks via installed software or update installations are removed.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Aldo incorporates on demand advanced artificial intelligence modules for improved performance.
Users can select from various modules including face-centering and advanced noise cancellation, among others

Noise Cancellation

Our advanced noise cancellation AI module significantly reduces background noise, keeping focus on the speaker, and increasing audio quality for an enhanced use experience.

Aldo AI
Aldo AI - Face Centering

Face Centering

When activated, the face-centering module continually analyses the camera's video, keeping the user's face centered in the video frame. This process improves video quality, while reducing bandwidth.

Aldo Portal

Aldo Portal
For Enterprise Users

Aldo Webinars is designed for ease of use. A Host can start a webinar easily with just a single click. An Aldo Meeting Host can schedule a webinar via the Aldo Portal. Some of the features supported are scheduling, inviting participants, participant level password and syncing with Outlook, Google calendar and other popular calendaring / meeting scheduling services. This is where a Meeting Host sets permissions for various webinar participants, like permission to Only View a webinar to being able to use multi-party whiteboard, Q and A, Video Call and more. A Meeting room invitation URL, for presenters, and a Webinar view URL, for participants, are accessible from this portal.

The Aldo Content Management System is easy to use and robust for all your webinar needs. Meeting Hosts can upload their webinar content to the CMS, add to their webinar, and is instantly available from within the Webinar via the ‘Meeting Resources’ panel. Content can be of any type including Office documents like PowerPoint and Word, PDF files, video files, audio files, and more.

To meet a variety of business and enterprise requirements, Aldo Webinars is available in various configurations.

Requirements to Use

Unlike our current competitors, Aldo is built with a standards-based, new generation of web technologies and runs on all modern browsers. This eliminates the need to install a desktop application. Additionally, Aldo runs on a broad spectrum of computers/devices and operating systems. It’s also available for mobile devices through the Google and Apple app stores.

To use Aldo, we require a Windows, Mac, Chrome or Linux operating system with a minimum of 4GByte memory. But for advanced features and larger meetings, we recommend 8Gbyte. Since users will access Aldo via their web browser, a minimum network speed of 2mbps is required. However, for HD video and/or larger video calls we recommend 8mbps or higher.

Web Meetings




Room Bookings

Admin Controls


Web Meetings




Room Bookings

Admin Controls


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Value Proposition for Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers can meet all their meeting room scheduling, presentation and web meeting needs with a combination of Aldo Presenter, Aldo Web Meetings and iRevo Digital Signage (iDS) software integrated seamlessly as one common platform. Users will access all the features of Aldo Presenter and Aldo Web Meetings from the same Aldo Portal and configure meeting room displays as well as add and manage Meeting Host users.

iRevo’s iDS software enables users to display meeting room schedules on meeting room TV or on a tablet mounted outside the meeting room. iDS supports building custom presentation and meeting display views whether on a single large screen display or when using up to four displays at once. Unlike some other presentation or web meetings solutions, use of Aldo software is not tied to an operating system, office or docs suite or a user ID on a particular platform.