About iRevo Multimedia

iRevo Multimedia, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The company is founded by a team of Silicon Valley professionals with decades of experience from semiconductors to cloud platforms and consumer devices and applications. iRevo is privately funded.
iRevo builds and markets leading edge SaaS (Software as a Service) products targeting several key domains. Each product domain leverages the other and is built upon the core expertise in using cloud platforms for video and content aggregation, distribution (live or stored) and consumption (viewing) via native applications or web applications running on PCs, mobile, TVs and tablet devices; commonly referred to as the four screens.
Over a decade, iRevo has built multiple SaaS products and has development teams in US and India as well as leveraging global outsourcing for faster and economical product development. iRevo’s OTT Platform and Application is powering Reliance India’s own branded Smart TVs and its Digital Signage products are marketed by Sony Electronics Professional Solutions company.
iRevo’s Aldo software family comprises of Web Meetings, Webinars and Presenter for presenting from a PC to a TV. Together with Aldo Signage, which operates seamlessly with other Aldo products, forms what iRevo calls Aldo Hub, a family of communication products that operates independently or together. Aldo Signage can display conference room booking schedules on conference room displays or a tablet placed outside the room. When the display is not used in an active meeting, it can be used for delivering training content or delivering a company’s message for employees or visitors.
iRevo distributes the Aldo family of software via direct to consumer, self service online platform as well as via distribution channels and strategic partners. Other products that iRevo produces are Channel Playout, for building a Linear TV Channel for streaming or broadcasting, and Watch Together, a product that integrates Aldo and OTT Platform and Apps; either from iRevo or a third-party provider.