About iRevo Multimedia

iRevo Multimedia, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. The Company is founded by a team of Silicon Valley professionals with decades of experience ranging from semiconductors and systems to SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms and applications with a proven track record. iRevo is privately funded and operates an overseas development center for round the clock development and localized support.

iRevo builds and markets leading edge SaaS (Software as a Service) products targeting several key domains. Each product domain leverages the other and is built upon the core expertise in using cloud platforms for video and content aggregation, distribution (live or stored) and consumption (viewing) via native applications for iOS, Android and Fire TV OS driving TV, Tablets and Phones. Web applications run in modern Browsers on Windows, MAC and Linux OS platforms.

There are two distinct yet complementary products the Company is focused on are iRevo Digital Signage or iDS and Aldo Web Communication software suite.

The Company leads with innovations in Digital Signage offering by supporting modern digital workflow via its cloud-based platform incorporating Content Management System (CMS) and supports designing, content aggregation, scheduling and publishing to TV, Tablet and PC displays. iDS integrates Aldo communication components to support One Touch Video Calling or Live Broadcast of all hands meeting, training, etc. without having to write software. iRevo is a Sony Alliance Partner for its iRevo Digital Signage Software (iDS) software supporting advanced features like Power Management, Power on-off Scheduling and Volume Control over the web.

iRevo Aldo Web Communication software suite comprises of Aldo Web Meetings, Webinars and Presenter for presenting from a PC to a TV. Built with Cloud Native mindset and W3C standards Aldo software runs in a browser on PC, MAC and Linux platforms and offers apps for phones, tablets and TV displays. iRevo continues to innovate by making available various Aldo component; chat, audio calling, video calling and screen sharing; for integration into ERP, CRM and Web applications, without having to write API service.

iRevo Aldo Call Agent product is a highly modularized and feature rich offering to provide audio calling, video calling, chat, screen and file sharing functionality on websites where companies deliver premium support, high value lead generation, Live selling of products for a superior customer satisfaction and increased revenue. These advanced communication facilities are made available with concept similar to a chat button on websites and requires no software development or application hosting by customers.

iRevo markets these products via various subscription plans on its website, affiliate websites and approaches enterprise customers for direct selling. Running on Amazon Web Services platform, iRevo products are globally available.